About Us

We provide a community based service, building close ties with the local schools, businesses and churches.

We are Ofsted registered and have fully qualified teaching and Nursery Nurse staff.

We have an extensive ‘wrap-around’ outdoor area which is great for all of our varied activities, eg. art and craft, sand/water play, construction toys, and especially for our bikes and scooters. 

We like to publish a daily update on Facebook/Twitter. We are aware that not every parent picks up their own child, or has time to be informed by the staff of the day’s events. The online updates are important so that, whatever the circumstances, you can interact with your child over their day’s events.

Local Offer

As required by the new code of practice Children and Families Act 2014 birth to 25, we ensure that the Early Years Foundation Stage is implemented for children aged two to five years, taking into consideration the individual needs of each child. We also endeavour to source specialist resources and equipment where required. We welcome all children regardless of background or ability. Additional needs are well catered for, with our knowledgeable staff having the experience to cope in all situations. We pride ourselves in our ability to meet EVERY child’s needs.

At Merry-go-round we aim to provide an environment inclusive to all children. We are committed to ensuring that all children are given the opportunities and support needed to achieve their full potential.

We acknowledge and respect that each child attending our setting is unique, and some children may require individual support due to their unique set of needs.

We believe good mental wellbeing is key to children’s success to ensure resilience throughout life, and is the responsibility of all staff and community. Evidence based research reinforces our nurturing approach and underpins our ethos.

We therefore have the following procedures in place to ensure equality of access to all.

  •        Families are encouraged to visit when expressing an interest in Nursery.
  •        We have an open policy for parents/carers to visit with their child. This is an opportunity to build parent/carer partnerships.
  •        A keyworker is assigned to the child before they start, so that the keyworker can help them settle in well.
  •        During the first few weeks at Nursery each child is observed and assessed by their  key worker in relation to their involvement levels and well being. Immediate concerns are shared with parents and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENCO) Jess Evans.
  •        Physical development and communication and language will also be assessed. Where possible, children are supported with individual support plans. Strategies can be incorporated within home and school.
  •        After discussion with parents/carers outside professionals will be contacted if needed.
  •        An Education, Health and Care Plan may be introduced upon review with other agencies. This is a statutory document which outlines the strengths and support needed from 0 – 25 years old. This will be reviewed annually by all the agencies involved.
  •        Parents/carers will be able to access Wolverhampton’s Local Offer with support from the SENCO and other professionals. This is a directory of services offered to support their child.
  •        Medical conditions including mental health are supported as above.

Other Information

To attend our Pre-school Nursery, children must be a minimum of 2 years of age and can continue to benefit from our services until August 31st following their 5th birthday.

We are open Monday to Friday from 8.30 – 4.00.

We also operate holiday clubs for a wider age range. This will be advertised on our website nearer the time.

We are happy to admit children in nappies, and will help in any way we can with potty and toilet training, at your request. You are required to provide nappies/pull-ups and a change of clothing.

Parents often say to us that they are concerned that their child ‘won’t settle; will run riot; has toileting issues’ etc etc, but please be reassured that this is not a problem for us. We will work with you to ensure that your child does settle as quickly as possible and enjoys their time at Merry-go-round.